вторник, 30 август 2016 г.

Asian Handicap Strategy -0.75

Have you tried the asian handicap betting just yet? If the answer is “no”, then do not hesitate to give it a go. It could be absolutely rewardable, if you master it and you use it cleverly.

One of the ways to use the asian handicap is the asian handicap 0.75. In this case the game you chose begins with a 0-3/4 result. The underdog is enjoying a quarter goal advantage and there’s no option for a draw.

The best way to explain it is to use an example, so here is one. Let’s say that we are betting on a game between Everton and Tottenham. The asian handicap is 0.75-0. The odds for the home team are 1.90 and it’s the same for the away team as well.

In option one, you place a 100 euro bet on Everton to win the game with an asian handicap of +0.75. If you want your bet to be a winning one, you should hope that the game ends without a winner or Everton is winning it. If it happens, you are winning 100 X 1.9, which means 190 euro. If Tottenham wins with one goal margin, then you will get a refund of half of your bet (50 euro), but you are about to lose the other half. If Tottenham wins with two or more goals, you are losing your entire stake.

Let’s take a look at option two as well. In this case, you’re betting 100 euro on Tottenham winning the game. If you want to win the entire stake, then you should hope that Tottenham is winning with at least two goals margin. Then your profit will be a total of 190 euro. If it happens that Tottenham wins with just one goal margin, then you are getting a refund of half of your bet, but the other half is winning. In this case, you are going to enjoy a total of 145 euro back to your account. If the game ends with a draw or Everton wins, then you are losing your entire stake.

Now we hope that you feel more ready to try theasian handicap betitng for yourself. See for yourself if it works out for you and try its different variations. It’s really fun!